Ex boyfriend and I broke up a week ago, a few nights ago I found out he blocked me on fb and is already seeing someone else, is she a rebound?

So the title says pretty much everything here... it was a long distance relationship, i encouraged the dumping because we were on a break and would only talk for 2 mins a day. He didn't seem interested in salvaging what we had, and the only times he seemed genuinly interested in talking to me was if he wanted to be intimate through texting. I would get upset with him and he wouldn't understand why. The truth was I felt like i wasn't appreciated anymore, that he didn't care for me anymore. So last week we had "The talk". I told him that i thought it was best if we broke up and he agreed. He told me that if i ever wanted to talk to him, i knew how to contact him, and he made me promise to message him if i wanted too. Well a few days ago i decided i would message him just to see how he had been doing and found out that he had blocked me. I thought at first maybe he deactivated his fb account, so hopped onto another fb account i have and saw that he is with another girl already for his profile pic. I feel so hurt and confused. Do guys really get over their ex'es this fast?


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  • I wouldn't say he is over you... It is nice to feel wanted.


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  • It seems like maybe he was seeing her all along and that's why you guys weren't talking as much before.

    • That's what I have been thinking too. Ugh what a prick.

    • He does seem like an idiot. So in real life he was cheating on her with you...

    • Knowing that, makes me sick cuz if that is the case he cheated on both of us.

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  • i need to hear his side of the story.

    too many bad experiences where the woman lied and made herself victim.


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