She keeps contacting me?

I dated a girl that I fell in love with and she fell in love with me, but we never were exclusively dating. Up until recently, we were always intimate and had good times together. Her ex boyfriend is now in now back in her life again and she has told me that they are working out their differences. She told me she wants to be friends and I told her that we can be friends. Secretly, I am romantically in love with this girl and she is aware of this. Problem is, she plays the friend card on me and I play the friend card back and she gets upset at me. She would ask me how I feel about being friends and I tell her I'm OK, and she gets confused. What's with her? or what is she up to?


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  • Maybe she is unsure if you like her more than a friend. So maybe blunt would be better?

    Tell her straight out, yeah I do like you as more than a friend, however, I understand that you & ur ex are sorting out your differences & that your not quite ready to move on. But I don't want too completly loose you, so that's why I accept being friends wiht you?

    That may work?

    • Its not that I can't accept friendship. I can accept it. She is the one who keeps bringing up this friendship talk even though we have already established that we will be friends. The problem is when I agree with her and say she is a friend, then she gets upset. why?

    • Because she wants to be more than friends, but say to her. You want to be more than friends to, but for now that will have to do as she doesn't seem ready to move on?

      Make sense?

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