Breaking up with long distance girlfriend?

Okay, truth be told I still like my long distance girlfriend... But it's got to the point where I need to break up with her to preserve any remaining backbone I have...

We we are only 3 hours apart, which doesn't seem that tough to me... Here the situation, she is very busy between work and school at the moment which does take most of her time. I am perfectly fine with her studying st my place if she needs too. We had a great summer seeing each other often. When school started, I began to rarely see her. I haven't seen her in 5 weeks, and I have been willing to drive to her place just for an evening date and leave the next morning. It has become next to impossible to see her, and over the past couple weeks even hard to talk with her on the phone.
i called her last night and she missed my call and hasn't even texted me a reply or called back.

I think it is time for me to move on. Would it be too lame to break up with her by text?
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  • if you can't do it in person, next best option is Skype. after that, a phone call. especially if you've been seeing each other a while, i think it's important that they see body language and/or tone.

    • It's been 5 months?

    • I care about her and would do it in person, but she's been making me jump through hoops to see her over the past month. If I could see her regularly, I probably wouldn't want to break up with her... But I guess I'm past the threshold where I am willing to drive 3 hours each way to do it in person

    • at least call her

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  • Can't you Skype or something?

  • Try calling her again. If you can't get into contact with her that way, then sure, send her a text and let her know you're done with this relationship. It sounds like she's not putting much effort into it as it is... if she's not even going to communicate with you, then just end it however you can.

    • Thanks. I will try to call her tomorrow. About 6 weeks ago, I guess it was similar... I called her thinking I was going to break up with her, and then she acted cool for awhile. Now basically, I am right back to where I was 6 weeks ago except more headstrong about ending things. I think your advice is good

    • Sure. I know LDR can be tricky... so I'm sorry to hear things didn't work out better.

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  • Voicemail would be the way to go if you want to keep it personal


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