My ex boyfriend told his friend that I sent him pics?

ok I just broke up with my boyfriend because my parents made me and now he told his friend that I sent him pics and now tumors are going around school that I had sex with him and sent him pics.

I don't know what to do:(
*rumor. And I'm really scared... I'm feeling sick
I'm worried that he might show them a pic


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  • He is a serious dick!!! No wonder your parents made you break up with him, probably saw through him. I'd honestly do nothing, rumors are bound to float around but they can drift off pretty fast too because new drama is always going to start, and although some people will believe it, a lot of other people won't. If you try to do anything it will draw even more attention, just act like nothing happened and if anyone brings it up either ignore it or say "I never did that. You really can't believe rumors THAT easily, can you?" (just ignore it).


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  • Laugh it off here, dear, and start a few 'Rumors' of your own behind his wack Back... Tell everyone he is a mental Case and has serious issues that he needs help for.
    It's your true friends who Won't believe a word of these 'Pics,' they will, in fact, Believe You about his sore sport ways and understand Totally Why... I just broke up with my boyfriend.
    Good luck. xx

    • Okay, so it is true about he pics/ Talk to him in private and tell him you do not want any trouble and if these pics get around school, you will have him expelled by the principal. xx

  • there's nothing to do! Your lucky that he is your ex! That guy was so low class! spreading rumors!

  • Sometimes you discover more about a person at the end of the relationship than you do during the entire relationship. Now you know his true character. All you can do is hold your head high and try to ignore it, as hard as that may be. If you don't respond , people will eventually get bored of the rumors , and find someone else to gossip about 💚


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