Should I still continue to do the no contact to win my ex boyfriend back or should I reply to his texts?

My ex boyfriend broke with me recently. He broke up with me recently because he says we've been fighting too much and not seeing eye to eye. He told me he didn't want to break up, but he says that maybe we should just break up for now. He says if its meant to be then we'll get back together.
He asked me if we can still be friends... I said yes at first, but I regret it. I haven't been talking to him since then. I started to do no contact rule for 30 days and focussing on myself again to be happy. In hopes of winning him back. I dont want to be friends. I'm not acting like a friend to him right now. I'm walking away in hopes of attracting him again. the problem is when he sometimes text me or leaves me messages. It gets hard not to respond to it :( He left me a voice message asking the truth from me. He says he needs to know if I ever really did like him. I pains me not to answer it. Of course, I did really like him, but I don't want to beg him to come back when that would only push him away :(

What should I do? Should I continue doing the no contact rule for 30 days? I still love him and want him, but I'm hoping this no contact rule and working on myself would help me get him back. Its only been four days of me not talking to him. P. S. He lives long distance... he used to live where I'm at now, but he left to study for his masters while I'm studying for bachelors. He left about 3 months ago. He's also really impatient when it comes to people relpying back to him. I want him back but at the same time I don't want to grovel for him. That's why I wanted to work on me again and not talk to him for 30 days. I want him to willing come back to me and not be forced to come back to me :(


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  • in my opinion Breakups do happen with successful relationships so I think you should go talk to him. the 30 day no contact rule its like guys dislike it a lot sometimes they get very angry like that. hope this helps :)

    • Oh okay I see. Thanks! :)

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  • Ignoring someone you love is just teaching them how to live without you in their life. Love is measured by the bad times in a relationship not the good. Great relationships aren't based on the absence or problems, it's based on resloving issues by communicating.

    You have to talk about why the relationship failed and how you both feel. Relationships also need boundaries , so you should know what each others boundaries are. If you love him then you should only give up if there's nothing left worth fighting for, or only one of you is fighting to save it.

    Ignoring him prevents you both from being together. You will grow apart, even in a short space of time.

    Sometimes pride can prevent us speaking to someone , but it all depends on whether you value your him more than your ego. If he is messaging you and you ignore him he will lose his emotionally security. Once a person loses that they build a barrier around themselves, and you won't get past thar.

    If you love him, respond to him. When couples go to marriage councelling they are never advised to ignore each other.. because it never resolves anything. Communication , compromising and understanding each others needs does. 💛,


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  • Successful couples don't breakup. Its over. You need to move on

    • I know it's over. I'm trying to move on or at least seem like I am. He's the one asking me questions like, "did you ever really like me?" I'm confused about him and what I should do. There is such a thing as a second chance, but I'm not sure about right now.

    • They rarely work. You'll just breakup again. People don't change. Stop all forms of communication and after the pain subsides you'll be smarter and ready to date again

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  • Sent him a final text. Tell him yes you really did like him and then say something like "If you want to get back together then I might consider but till then I'm not settling for friendship and won't be hanging around waiting till you feel ready"

    I think that is best. At least that way he knows where he stands and he knows your feelings.


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