If they dump us why can't they keep us dumped?

Why they got to communicate with us aand mess up all the progress of getting over them?
Are they selfish people? Don't they care that those they chose to discard like rubbish have feeling how dare they try to dupe us into conversation!
Why is my ex pretending to be someone else to meet with me? Am I not allowed to move on be happy? Why is he telling me he has changed? I don't care I think the person he should be telling is his girlfriend the one that has had his baby.
if he doesn't give a jot about her feelings I doubt he cares for anyone else's-believe me I realise that.. I'm not questioning it I know the answer

its just the headfk games, I don't understand.. I'm such a nice person and to be duped in a way to make me feel bad about myself is just so wrong..

why hey do these people do it? Will they grow up and realise they are repulsive human beings and not everyone will run back to them?
Next person that types block him-I have done that! From my mobile number that got changed to emails to social media.. it's all been done- in fact it makes him angry... I've wrote a reply in case he messages again
Hi this is to inform you that after attempts of ignoring and telling you to leave me alone that this is last time I will tell you any further communication from now by you or your friends will result in legal action
See I'm nice by giving him a warning I'm not stupid as courts would see it as revenge if I didn't.. but I've screenshot everything and by giving him the chance to leave me alone, if he doesn't take the warning then it will result in court action


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  • block them.


    • tried that didn't work made a new account up..

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    • i think some type of boxing/self defense kinda class would benefit you in more ways than one. not that i'd come down to that, but i'd make shruggin' off 'creepy sightings' quiet easy.

    • quite**

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