Why males do this?

My ex broke up with me in June and he seems so interested in whether I have been dating anyone since then. Why? He ended it he didn't want me it's none of his business! Right?


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  • I'm single ready to mingle LOL 😁 jk
    Haha you're gorgeous
    He might be doing this bc he wanna know what type of guy you'll be with next time 😊
    by the way don't worry you'll definitely find someone awesome like me 😂 LOL

  • Right. But he probably want to make sure you're not moving on too quickly or have met someone better than him. It's none of his business, but guys are like that.

  • Don't know if um... you're aware of this but uh... girls do that to sometimes.

    He's just not completely over ya yet I reckon.

    • I am very aware of this but in this particular situation I am talking about a man.

      Yeah sounds like it

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    • Alright sorry smart ass

    • You're a venomous girl, ain't ya?

      I was tryin to help ya, but you can sort it out without me.

  • Yes. He wanted to know how good guy & handsome guy you have got by having break up with him.

  • Don't pin this on males fam!

    *Y My Ex Do Did?


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