Why is ex pretending we didn't actually break up?

About half a year after the break up my ex was trying to reconnect. Since he broke up with me and I kind of influenced it, I decided not to talk to him anymore. Later, we spoke over email and he made up more lies (this is typical of him anyway).

He said that "we were taking space", which was never mentioned at all. The words he used was BREAK UP. He also said that we should rebuild our communication without actually admitting any of his past mistakes. WTF. He acts as if I will forget about the past problems without resolve/apology and just restart as if the break up never happened!

Well, it did happen and he is acting as if it was a "break" instead. What is his problem? Does he really think he can get away with these lies?


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  • Yeah, he does because you are letting him. You actually kind of sound like you wanna get back with him. Break contact completely with him if he reaches out to you tell him he's an idiot and you are done talking, don't negotiate or argue, one simple statement, unemotional and cut the discussion.


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