My ex is crazy?

He threatened my friend saying "you better watch your back" and "my plan is already in motion" my friend didn't do anythimg to him. I did somthing so my ex's anger will be redirected to me instead. The reason why he's mad at my friend is beacuse he kept telling him to stop roleplaying online. My friend said he can't, it keeps him from getting depressed. That's it. That's the only reason my ex got mad. Why would this make him mad? O_o
He knows what school I go to, his dad has a gun and hebknows where it is. I'm scared.


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  • Why is your friend trying to control what he does? If he likes to roleplay then let him, what's it hurting?

    • My ex is contorling my friend

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    • There isn't much you can really do as far as your friend goes, after all you can't force him.

    • Ik__

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  • He probably is psycho.

  • He might be a retard or an actual irl troll!


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