Ex is unblocking and blocking again?

its been a year since me and my ex broke up, we were together for 4 years. We broke up on bad terms - arguments and lies, etc. I was the one who initiated the breakup and we haven't been in contact since February after he blocked me on Facebook. A few days ago he unblocked and messaged me. As the message went into the other mailbox I didn't notice it until the next day and at that point he had blocked me again.
Does it seem like he still cares? I just want to know the meaning behind his actions!


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  • he's trying to get your attention, block him and cut contact with him. don't give a chance to show that you really care, or he'll try to get back and break you down again.


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  • it seems like he still cares if he goes through the trouble to unblock you, send you a message and then block you again, shows that you were on his mind and he decided to just do that.


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