How do I get over a guy?

We only dated a month but I fell for him and he even reassured me that it wasn't a fling... then he broke up with me because of an argument instead of working on the relationship. After a week or so i told him off because I realized he put the picture he sent to me as his main profile pic on FB. Once I called him out I blocked him to only realize days later that he took down that pic and its still down to this day (he has no pic). And it seems like ever since I started to miss him more. If he left the pic up there and showed how he didn't care then I'd move on a lot faster knowing he's a douche. But now its like makes me want to reach out. I haven't contacted him almost a week and don't plan on it no more. Can anybody give advise? I jus wanna show up at his place and talk to him face to face... but I WILL NOT. I just need encouraging words. And not once has he reached out to me lol how to move on?


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  • First off keep telling your self he has made a lie and a mockery of this entire illusion of a relationship. It has to be an illusion if it was based on a lie as far as his part. Secondly you know your better that that azz nugget and he never deserved you

    • Omgosh!! I heart u :*

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    • I do indeed know what you mean. Don't fret it your better off without him dragging you down

    • Lol and thanks for the peck

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  • You sound like me lol. I tend to fall hard and fast. The best thing to do is count your blessings that it was only a month and not a year. It'll be easier to get over him, trust me. I stayed busy, really busy. Distracted myself from thinking about him by hanging out with friends, family members, work, etc. And you have to remember he chose to walk away instead of working it out. Now do you really want a guy like that? I hope not. He's not the last man on Earth hun. Move on and continue to be amazing. There's a guy out there that will love to be a part of your journey.

    • Thanks girlie! Much love coming from Texas! :* I will definitely move forward now! You and that other dude really helped me so much. I don't want a guy like that.

    • Hello Texas! My little sister lives in Round Rock! Glad I could help... and stay focused on YOU! xx

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