Why is my ex commenting on family member Facebook photos?

We were together for 2 years. She left because she felt she needed to focus on herself at this time and be independent since she has never really been on her own. She recently turned 21. And I respected her decision and let her go. I deleted her off all my social media so I didn't see her "partying" photos. We hung one time after the break up and she sent me a friend request on Facebook. I accepted t about a week later. Minutes after accepting her friend request she commented on a photo of my little cousins saying how much she misses them.

Then me and an old ex that I he not talked to for over 4 years sent a friend request I accepted it. No feeling for this girl whatsoever. The next day my ex seemed so cold and mean. She unfriended me on Facebook and blocked me. About a week and half later she in blocked me. Still are not Facebook friends but now I can see her comments on mutual friends stuff. I have seen her two times since she has acted like she hated me, both times she acts like I am not even there.

Today I seen she commented on my cousin fiancé photo of their baby. She wished the baby happy bday and said how she misses them and the little girls. I guess my question is.. Why is she being like this, and why does does a ex comment on photos saying she misses them when she is the one who left?


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  • If she was with you for a long time (2 years is a decent amount of time) and was close with your family, I don't think it's totally inappropriate or out of line for her to be friendly with your family members. It's a more adult approach than the whole blocking/un-friending/getting jealous game...
    You don't have to do the same with her family if you don't want to, and you don't have to be friends with her if you don't want to, but you shouldn't get upset if she still likes/is friendly with your family.

    • Totally not getting upset about it. I actually like the fact she is talking to them. But she was never really "close" with them. She liked them but didn't really talk to them much on Facebook. I just am wondering if she is missing things and what not. I would like to get back with her in the future.

    • Interesting... With my ex, we spent a lot of time at her sisters house and I got pretty attached to her nephew who was a few months old when I met him, so even after we had broken up I would stay in touch (from a distance) on Facebook with her sister. I had no desire to get back with my ex, though we are friends, but still feel an attachment to that part of her family because I spent a lot of time and was pretty close with them.
      It is possible to miss the family, or even miss the ex, but still not want to get back together.
      Talk to her though, see what she thinks

    • I do plan on having contact again as long as she do. I'm ok with friends since we were so close. She is my best friend still. I am not going to contact her first though. Going to let her contact me first.

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