Is he still in love with his ex fiancé?

They were together for 7 years and engaged but it ended when she cheated on him and got pregnant by another man. This happened 5-6 years ago. Last week he told me that she hurt him so bad and asked me if he should contact her to tell her how she hurt him.

also she is still with the guy she cheated on him with and has a second child with that man.


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  • No he shouldn't because she doesn't care. He still hurts


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  • Erm, ok... Feeling the need to tell them means you are 100% NOT over it. That is like the biggest sign of not being over it. If you feel you have to prove to your ex you're doing ok, or you want to tell them how they hurt you, or get back at them or any such actions related to that, they are NOT over them.

    When you're truly over someone you don't really think of them very much and most definietly wouldn't have a desire to contact them!

    Doesn't mean break up with him straight away, but just explain your fears to him and see how he reacts. If he reacts badly he most definitely still has feelings and you're a rebound, even such a long time later! But it's not longer than the relationship was so...
    And if he reacts well then he'll work on it and tell you whats what :)


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  • I don't think he is in love her. The pain from a breakup can hurt someone for years.
    I think he wants to talk to her because there are some unresolved issues like talking about the pain he still has and maybe he feels that by talking to her, he can move on.

  • I rhink he still loves his ex! He ask you to talk to the ex.


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