My ex boyfriends "new girlfriend" followed me on social media (randomly) any thoughts as to why?

She posts a lot about him but he NEVER EVER posts about her
update: every time I mention her to him he says he's single, but her post say otherwise


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  • Maybe he is embarrassed of her if he doesn't post nothing about her. I think she follows you to be nosy and it's her insecurity to think you might get back with the ex. So she is keeping tabs on you.


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  • It seems that as Wise as I am here, dear, She is making her Pretty Presence known to you that she Wants you to Know that they are two birds that stick together and she is 'Politely' Posting and Boasting.
    He is a clever one, like most guys that is. He may be having a fling and thing with her but will Not let the cat out of the bag even if they are in a love nest and is Not ready nor Raring To... Announce it to the world and surely is not Flapping nor Yapping about it like her.
    Good luck. xx


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