Help should I stay or go?

Hey everyone recently my long term boyfriend of 7yrs and I have had troubles he broke up with me and said he just doesn't love me anymore but he still cares about my well being, but a day after we were back together then I found out he had been on tinder for a whole year he hasn't met anyone on there but his excuse was he didn't love me at the time but he does now and he wants to be with me so I said okay let's make it work but since then we have had sex maybe once a week and I have caught him masterbating everyday is this a sign I should move on ps we also have a 3yr old daughter


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  • Wait, your catching him once a day?

    Are you dressed in cammo outside his window shouting "AHAAA!"

    otherwise, don't sweat the tinder too much, some guys like to know if they are still desirable.

    As For the jerking off, ask him to hold off, or, when in bed, ask him to get himself off with you beside him because it turns you on. Let that lead into onther things

    But not that I know for sure or anything. Good luck.

    • Lol he is out side in the shed and will leave like a filthy cum rag and I'll pick it up to put in the wash omg. Anyways okay I'll give it a try ps he is into BBW and I'm athletic

  • Seems like a douche


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