Girls, Does No Contact rule work?

She broke up with me last week but i tried to fix it but i guess it backfired and now she think im too desperate and pushy. I sent her one last text saying that " i will wait for you till you text me and one day you will realize my love " and then i didn't text. I am planning to try this NC rule for 30 days. Does this work? Do you miss ur boyfriend when he suddenly stops texting u?
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  • NC is usually used more as a means to help an individual to get over someone, not to get their attention


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  • I wouldn't even try to to text to you after that.

    • oh ok... so that's the end of it?

    • pretty much... you lost her man! It doesn't even sound like she like you. If i liked a person I wouldn't mind being clingy but thats me!

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