Girls, How to deal with breakups silently?

After 3 years my boyfriend broke up with me recently. At first he was my best friend, one who I just loved speaking to daily, never did I think we would end up together. But it happened and I was so head over heels in love. The relationship was an LDR which made things hard for us because of the distance, but we made it work. And I know everyone says LDRs never work out, but deep down I hoped this one would. I never told anyone about him just because I never wanted to hear the truth about our relationship. He broke it off saying he couldn't deal with the distance anymore. As much as I want to accept that he made the right decision breaking it off, I can't stop hurting over losing him like this. The worst part is that I feel like I have to suffer silently.


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  • LDR's work like any other relationship. Distance has nothing to do with this, he used it as an excuse. He just doesn't want to be with you and that it, no matter what other excuses he says. The sooner you realize this, you'll be one step closer to getting over him. I was there 9 months ago too. My LDR boyfriend of 3 years also dumped me using distance as an excuse haha. I even asked him if we weren't distance would it be the same and he said that it wouldn't that he would want to be with me then. WHAT A BS! I bought it back then because I was still in love with him and I trusted him, but now I see everything so clearly. Some people are just shit. They don't know how to deal with stuff so they lie and use excuses, because they don't want to look bad in our eyes. They are selfish and narcissistic. And do you know why they lie? Because they know that the guilt is the only thing that can fuck them up, so they will do anything to not feel the guilt. Make him feel guilty. He didn't make the right decision because you are amazing and the best thing he will ever had, keep reminding yourself that. And cut him off, ignore him. Don't be nice to him he doesn't deserve it. I bet he will try contacting you (if he already didn't) to remain friends (remember - it's his way of getting rid of the guilt) but DON'T fall to temptation. He is maybe not doing it on purpose and not even he is aware of how bad that is for both of you (more for him in the future because he'll do the same thing to a new girl), so be the mature one and don't push away his guilt, it has to come in order for him to grow up. He needs to feel like shit. Wish I knew this 9 months ago, I naivly stayed friends with him hoping he will change his mind, I didn't understand why else would he be contacting me. Now I understand everything...

    • I'm so sorry that happened to you too. Your right 100%, he has tried to get in contact and I did fall into temptation, but you know what thank you so much for your advice he doesn't deserve a second chance

  • I would be pissed! You should express it out don't yell, scream !


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