If I let her have her break now, will it be ok?

My girl who I was seeing says she wanted a break 5 days ago after we got pretty serious for 2 months after a couple of months of just fooling around.

We had been arguing a lot for just about everyday over the space of about a week and a half.

During the first 3 days of the break I texted her once a day, she didn't respond to any of them. In the last one I sent, on the third day of the break I promised to give her space (and I'm a man of my word, I keep my promises), however I did warn her she would be receiving something the day after because in a distressed and initially heartbroken state I sent her flowers and a heartfelt apology letter because the majority of the arguments were my fault due to the stress I have had from college exams.

Now is the day after she should have received the letter and I haven't had a reply. I respect this as she wanted space so she is getting it now.

Other things to note are:

she said she wasn't wanting a purely sexual relationship and go out on dates (this is because all we tended to do was hang out at hers and have sex rather than go out, however we did go to the cinema two weeks ago and only saw each other twice after that) just before she decided to take the break (minutes before texting me she wanted a break).

I stupidly responded in an idiotic and hurtful way (which I did not mean and looking back on it I never had any issues with seeing her out and about), and said that I didn't understand why that was as we can have the same conversations that we would have in the bedroom as we would have if we were out. I apologised for this in the letter to, and told her I want what she wants too because I do.

I intend to giver her the space she wants for the rest of the two weeks, but with my initial odd text I sent her have I messed up?

Do you reckon she will want things to go back to the way they were?

She told me she loved me about a month and a half ago and one of the reasons she said she wanted a break was that she wasn't so sure anymore (but she was very sure before the arguments).

She said we needed time to figure out what we want and I am respecting that now.

Any thoughts?


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  • I think that if you wait, it might just become nothing. the trick is not to text anything randomly, you got to think about it before you text stuff like that.

    Obviously, you can buy her flowers or write her a sweet letter of apology and send it to her. this is what I'd suggest and leave it at that.

    I'm sure others will have other suggestions. this is just my idea. if my guy hurt me like this, this is what I'd like him to do.


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  • "She said she wasn't wanting a purely sexual relationship". That should be your cue. If you truly care for her, then you should want something more as well. If not, then let her go and let her have her space. It's confusing for a girl to be used only for sex when she wants and loves the man that uses her. Ultimately, it's very detrimental to her self-esteem and psyche as a whole to be f**ked and thrown away.

  • Breaks usually lead to breaking up I've seen it happen to much. It recently happened to my friend, during her break her boyfriend was talking to another girl and she just now found out about it so they broke up.

  • That sounds just like me and my boyfriend...

    And to be very and brutally honest, she may be already trying to move on.

    I've been stringing my boyfriend along (not intentionally) because I really do love him but we aren't the right type. I've requested breaks (once for the sex issue too) and anytime I ever ignored his messages or calls was because I just really didn't want to talk to him.

    Maybe she's a really independant type, like I am...

    You sound like a really nice guy, you just need a girl who will appreciate your qualities.

    I've gotten back together with my boyfriend after our breaks and they always end up the same, I'm ready to get out...

    Im sorry for your situation, I do hope it turns out for the better for you two.


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