Does this means he is over me?

Me and my ex boyfriend broke up 1 month and a few weeks ago. It was not a nice breakup.
I deleteted him from facebook 1 week after the break up. He sent me a snap but I deleted him off from there too.
Now, 1 month and 2 weeks later, he blocked me on Facebook out of the blue.
Does this mean he is over me?


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  • sorry for what a happened. I think he's trying to get over you. give yourself a time and everything will be ok.


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  • No I think it's the opposite like he wants to hurt you and he's not happy.

    • So what happened? I think he blocked you hoping to prompt a response out of you lol

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    • Wow so dont take it personally.

    • Good point actually!

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  • I think it does but he may be trying to get over you still...


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