Any Chance Left?

I'm going to college but I go home on weekends and I'll be home for the summer. I really like this guy back home and he made it clear he liked me but he went away for a week and I went off to college so I haven't seen him since. I said Hi what's up and he responded but it was like a five text conversation and I haven't heard from him since. Like is there any chance left with him

Thanks guys for actually reading my little ugh moment but he misses me so I'd say I have my chance still :P


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What Guys Said 1

  • Yea, you definitely do, he may feel dissappointed about the distance but I mean I stayed home and I'm going to a juco rite now and most of my friends go to school about a 45 min drive away but they come home every weekend and Its pretty much like high school, I mean Its weird havbing more free time during the week and no1 to ahng with but its not too bad. If you keep pursuing him things will fall into place, just run with it.


What Girls Said 1

  • Ahh, it's hard to say. He probably has moved on, to be honest, and he's probably not going to take a chance on a relationship with you when he knows it'll be long-distance. Maybe in the summer there'd be more of a chance, but unless you guys had a strong relationship before you left, chances are good that he's not that interested in an actual relationship at the moment. Pursue, though... you can probably coax him, since you are home for weekends and all. Could go either way, depending on the guy.


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