When to break up?

how do you know when its time to breakup with someone ? and is their anything you can do to stop it ? also, how do you then breakup in a way that will not end in both sides being angry ? or upset ?


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  • Here are some of the signs:

    1) The very things that attracted to each other in the first place are gone or changed.

    2) Constant arguments that linger and come back.

    3) One of you (or both) have cheated.

    Possible reconciliations:

    For 1): Try to look at pictures/videos of fond memories or any sweet notes/messages that you two exchanged when you 1st fell in love. Try to revive the relationship by going back to those 1st date places and remember what it felt like.

    For 2): Put yourself in the other's shoes. I know it sounds easy, but we very often neglect to do that. Being too comfortable in the relationship or thinking about yourself too much can do that.

    For 3): Cheating is a horrible thing but it does happen too often. If it is something that the cheating person admits to be a significant mistake and wants to be forgiven and given another chance to prove him/herself to be worthy of the other's trust, then it would take a lot of time and effor on both ends, but it can be done.

    The Breakup:

    You two would have to come to a complete agreement that you respect and care for each other enough to determine that it is better to move on rather than stay in the current situation. Remember to be caring for each other, then try to work out your feelings by understanding that it just wasn't meant to be. Remaining as friends is best. Caring for each other enough to let go is the key.

    Good luck!



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