I am a dreamer, and I'm a lover. I've been let down, and I've been alone.

And I felt the happiest ever a year ago from today, I can't even explain the feeling it was just so amazing, my new schedule, my friends being there, the girl of my dreams who I never thought in a million years started to obviously have a crush on me.

I remember how happy it was, and now its all over. I just want that feeling back again, but she has a boyfriend, and my schedule I don't see her anymore, only maybe once.

Its just killing me, just the feeling I felt, I wanna feel like that again.

Oh sorry btw the question is what do you think, will it ever be the same again, and what could she be thinking?


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  • Everyone has been through the whole "Jesus Christ! It was so damn obvious! Why didn't I ask her out!?!?". Best thing to do in that situation isn't to forget, but to find a new girl. It's the only way you'll stop having feelings for that first girl.


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  • What you're asking is to have your future interpreted, and a girls mind read. You're really very bad at asking questions, I have to say.

    • Ur being a scrub dilly

    • I have no idea what a scrub dilly is. I'm going to assume it's a euphemism for penis.

  • It sounds like you came here not looking for answers or advice, but a pat on the back.

    "Go get 'em tiger." Every year has it's peak and valleys. Now move on with your life, yeah?


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