My ex boyfriend wants to have lunch with me and I don't know how to act towards him!

My ex boyfriend asked me if I wanted to have lunch with him. I said yes but I am too sick right now, so it will be in a few weeks.

He broke up with me 6 months ago. We weren't friends after but I think... he cares about me and..yea...

He knows I still love him. I told him two weeks ago that I'll wait for him till I can, but I wasn't begging him at all. He said he can't be friends with me and he erased my number. So yes I respected his choice. I didn't bother him afterward.

Soon someone told me he's in a relationship with someone. It hurts but that was when he emailed me about the lunch appointment.

I don't want to ruin his relationship at all even though I love him. I am just afraid that he will say " oh well, Sung, you gotta move on seriously. I have a girlfriend" I get easily hurt, so I don't wanna hear it from him again even though I do know it. Plus I want to act mature toward him and I don't wanna look desperate.

How can I be ready so I won't get hurt a lot and how should I behave at the lunch? I just have no experience having other ex's before:(


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  • Well, act like he's your friend.


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