Miss and still love my ex who left me for another guy, How to have her back?

We were in a hate/love relationship, I was young and did some stpid things to her like cheating on her and paid for sex , finally she left me now she is with an another guy and they have a happy relationship however I doubt if he loves her as much as I do. Is there anyway to get her back? I'm sorry for what I've done before and try my best to not hurt her again.


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  • If she's happy let her be happy, the mature thing to do is know where you want went and accept that you made those foolish actions. The only thing you can do is move on, and try to be a better boyfriend to someone else whenever that happens


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  • 1. You rarely get second chances. You certainly are not entitled to a second chance.

    2. You didn't say how long ago you broke up. Successful reunions only happen in very limited circumstances. One of those is that one partner did stupid things when they were young and MANY YEARS LATER they reunite when the guilty partner has grown up and stopped doing stupid things. That takes many years, not 6 months or 2 years.

    3. It is easy to say how much you love someone. I can say it to anyone. . . and it means nothing. When someone truly loves you, they show it in their actions and it is obvious. What do your actions say about the way you felt towards her? You may call that love but most people would call it something different.

    4. Why should she give you another chance? If she asked me for advice, I would tell her to stay away from you.

    5. You will probably never get her back. Learn your lessons. Don't turn your memories of her into recollections of a saint. If you do that, no one else will ever have a chance with you.


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  • How long ago since you broke up?
    I'm sorry to say this, but I don't think you can get her back within the nearest future :( Even though you probably love her more, and she loves you, the relationship she is in now is stable and loving, and that is what a girl wants. You can try to convince her you've changed, but changes are she only remember the turbulent relationship you shared.
    Anyways, good luck to you! :)

  • You need to move on. Sadly, sometimes relationships are just about lessons, and it looks like you've learned yours. It's not "I was young," it's "I was too selfish to stop and think if I'd break her heart." You did. Now it's your turn.

  • No. There isn't. You messed up, she moved on. It's over.

    • How girls are so stone hearted these days? She can forgive and give me another chance.

    • Because betraying your spouse is cold hearted. What have you done to deserve forgiveness exactly? It's self centered for you to have the mentality of: Well I can abuse your trust, the foundation of our relationship, but you can't find that intolerable and leave me because that's mean.

      Come on, bud. No one would put up with that.

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