Am I wasting my time?

Ex girlfriend adored me for two years. Things were great. Neither one of us was unfaithful. I even felt overwhelmed by how much she wanted to see me at some points (which I now realize how pathetic I was for feeling that.) Two months ago she asked for a "break." We talked, even hung out a few times. She was still my best friend. It was a tough, She still told me she loved me and missed me. Felt like something was off though. Ended up finding out she kissed another guy. I was pretty pissed, but we talked things out and things were going smooth up until last week. Still weren't dating technically, but it was better. Last week she barely talked to me, and ended up not going out for Halloween like we planned. She went with her friends. Anxiety took over and I kept calling/texting to see what was on her mind and she wouldn't talk. Until finally she said she was too frustrated and couldn't do it anymore. I realize I took those two years for granted and could've been better. But I guess I'd like to know what my next move is? Give her space? Haven't texted her since. It's been a couple days. She means the world to me, like I said, she's one of my best friends on top of ex girlfriend. She loved me so much. At the same time though, I need to kick the anxiety problem that developed from these last two months. Last text she sent was "I'm sorry I love you but I can't"


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  • Move on. Forget about her. Don't bother contacting her again, she's clearly not interested. Stop seeing yourself as Mr. Her and realise you're your own person, completely separate to her. Life goes on pal, don't waste your time talking to her when she's not interested, find other people to talk to and enjoy being single ! Pining over her is NOT healthy and you should absolutely get over it, because you can bet she's getting over you.

  • Give her space. Don't talk to her at all. No contact is the key. If she misses you she will contact you. Otherwise leave it be.


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