How do I get her back?

Me and my girlfriend of 8 months broke up she ended it cuz of me being clingy, i want to know do we have a shot of being back together we are friends and hang out almost every second to third day she has told me she is miserable and doesn't know what to do in life? She is worrying about what to do for a living. I want to be able to help her think and i have been but it doesn't feel right when we aren't dating i miss her affection. I want to be able to call her my girlfriend again she is amazing I don't know what id do without her in my life she keeps me happy :) my friends have been assholes lately and she is all i have and she has asked me why im the only that cares and i feel we are feeling the same thing wanting to get back together but i also dont want to scare her off by asking too soon what do i do in this sitaution?


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  • If you want to get her back, just simply be there and support her. Remind her that even if she hasn't figure out the career thing yet, it isn't the end of the world. You want to be someone who supports her who she can turn to when she's having a hard time. I know you miss her and want to be with her, but don't let your impatience or desire overplay your hand. You know that she's having a hard time so don't push her, just support her. When she texts her issues, just text her and tell her she's going to figure it out and you support her. Getting back with a girl is more than telling her, it's showing her. Show her that you can have your own life but can still support her when she really needs it. Don't focus on what anyone else is saying, just follow what you feel is right, just take things easy. Remember, girls don't focus on the logical, they work off of the emotional. So remember to always leave a good impression and to never rush her. When the time is right, you can talk to her and tell her you want to get back together and it won't be a huge surprise to her.

    • Wow I've never recieved better advice i feel that you are so right about this i will always be there for her when she needs me but dont force us to hang out or talk and she will eventually realize that she likes having me around and me asking her in a while how she feels wouldn't be a bad call thank you so much for the advice and ill always remember when im about to text her that i need to not spam texts or calls and let her sometimes just have a day where i dont text til she does and kinda let her need me :)

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