I think he cheated. Someone please help! :'(

I've been with my fella for just over 6years we're plan on getting married but there's a few complications with that but that's another story.

Anyways a few months ago I was on Facebook and decided to search him up since (at the time) he recently got a laptop, and I found him on there. So that night I pretended I didn't know anything about it and thought I'd ask him if he had Facebook, he didn't deny it and said when he gets home he will add me on it and so I waited. Then he rang me and said there was a problem and he couldn't get on blah, blah, blah. He didn't come up in search and said he'll sort it out and let me know when he does, so I thought ok no problem.

After a few months I decided to check again this time I found him so I asked him again, but made it out like I didn't know. This time he lied saying it doesn't work and he doesn't use it. So I kept a close eye on him noting that his status says "SINGLE".

Recently I noticed he'd gone a bit "quite" on me and acted funny whenever on the phone or in text, but face to face he was his normal loving self. So I made another account on Facebook and posed as another girl added random people and added him as a friend and when he accepted I sent him a flirty message posing as another girl (obviously) he replied back in a nice way, so I pushed on a little further saying we should meet ect, ect and how long he'd been "single" for. He replied back saying he'd love to meet up and he's been "single" for around 10months.

That broke my heart, I was completely shaking. That night I texted him asking him if everything was OK and if he still wanted to be with me. He replied back saying he's under a lot of stress and if he wanted to break up he would of said something and now I've upset him. Then I started to feel bad. We talked the next day and sorted it out.

He doesn't know "the other girl" is me and I know he can't cheat there being as "she" doesn't exist but there is a possibility that he has cheated before all this, or he will cheat in the future...

I love him so much and I don't want to lose him, he is my life and I wouldn't want to throw away 6years of my life for nothing. But I don't know what to do. Every time I think about it I just start to feel sick in my stomach and keep swearing to him (in my mind) but then I think of the other times we have been through together and I can't stop smiling. I may be in denial but I love him too much to lose him.

So "the other girl" asked him to meet up & so we arranged it. He never showed up & then few days later he sent "her" a message saying to leave him alone ect & it wasn't him that "she" was talking to it was his cousin who recently broke up with his girl...
who was staying with him, & was using his Facebook...


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  • Oh my gosh..i am so sorry..i know what you mean by saying you feel sick to your stomach that is the worst feeling ever. I just got out of a relationship about the same length of yours and I was devestated and have to hear sh*t I don't want to but you need to give him a reality check that he can't just do this to you. If you break up with him, it'll most likely make him realize he wants you and try and get you back. That sucks. I'm really sorry. You need to definitely end it though. Make him think he's lost your for good.


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  • I'm sorry but I agree with the others...and I think setting a meeting as "the other girl" is a great way to help you make your decision/s. Personally, I have never been able to get over a "cheating" boyfriend. It happened once and I was not able to trust him again so relationship over...No trust, no relationship! It doesn't matter how you care for him...He, right now, is telling you how he cares for you...I wouldn't even be considering marriage right now. Best of luck. Cheers!

  • you can't lose something you never had. you don't 'have' him, he's clearly not 'yours'. if you make someone else 'your life', you lose. your life ought to be YOU and not chasing after guys who clearly aren't devoted to you. marry this guy and be a fool, 'cause you already see the answer right in front of your face. you suspected him of cheating and you see that he could be, what more MFFffin' proof do you need? WALK no, RUN. Find someone else. People are not investments, if you had fun with him for 6 years and cared about him, then take that with you and enjoy it for what it is, but don't continue slogging on with it, if the proof ain't in the puddin'.

  • you should do the classic "meet me here at this time" as "the other girl"

    and see if he shows up. if so, I'd confront him!


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