My ex acts like he hates me even though he broke up with me after cheating?

My ex boyfriend cheated on me while he was away at a school trip in Costa Rica and broke up with me about a month after (of course I had no idea he had cheated at that time). His reasons for the break up were that I made him feel like a bad boyfriend, and that our relationship was having more downs than ups. I understand I'm pretty complicated just like any other person, but the only thing I confronted him about was the excess of PDA, which makes me very uncomfortable. 3 weeks later I found out he cheated and confronted him in a very civilized manner. I didn't yell or insult him; instead, I let him know that I knew what happened, that I was utterly disappointed that he had lowered himself to that level, that this should be a lesson for him to learn that cheating episodes are always discovered, and that by the fact he cheated I learned a lot more about him than I did in our 7 months together. We didn't speak for the rest of the year, he couldn't look at me in the eyes. As seniors now, we have most of our classes together and he turns 100% serious whenever he talks to me for any reason. It's like he hates me. Life literally evaporates from his face when he has to talk to me. It makes being in class awkward, but I no longer hold a grudge over our past. I'm well over it. Though again his behavior makes school uncomfortable. So why does he act like he hates me if he cheated AND broke up with me? Shouldn't it be me the one that's mad? haha please, help me understand!


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  • To be honest with or not you made him feel bad or that he wasn't a good boyfriend for you. That is no excuse to cheat on you. If he didn't like the way you treating him in the relationship, well he should of communicated with you, if he didn't that is his problem and not yours. after all your not a mind reader.

    I would suggest you, just forget about him, and ignore him. If you worry so much what other people think of you, you will become their prisoner. You don't owe him anything, and he doesn't owe anything.

    If he can't act like civilized human being and be a man with you. Then he is not worth it. You can't change people, If they keep treating like shit, then all you can do , set boundaries with him, and them carry with their life. You go your way in life, and he goes his.

    • If you feel someone is not treating you with the respect you deserve, then just have the confidence to cut them out of your life. Don't get angry with them or start shouting at these types of people, because that's what they want from, is to get upset and hurt. Just ignore with the silent treatment.

      Being silent sometimes has more power than words. because you not saying anything to them, means they can't tell what you are thinking, and they can't use your words against you.

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    • No problem, its not worth getting upset over one guy or anyone for that matter. stay true to yourself, if they don't like you, just cut them out of your life. You don't owe them anything. Just keep good people in life, and look after those relationships. Other people are not worth worrying about. More important focus on your future on your goals and dreams. Always deal with the truth, be true to you, and don't in lies or fake people they only bring you down, and make you feel worthless. good luck

    • One more thing, if he or anyone says bad things about you on facebook or any social networking site. Do not react to it, let them carry on. block them and let them carry on. Also don't look at what they say about you, because it will do nothing for you, except upset you, its not worth upsetting for it. That's just their opinion of you, but it won't affect you or what you can go on to achieve in your life.

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