Should I confront my ex?

I went through a rough break up a month ago and just learned this week that he was with other girls while he was with me. Not only does it really hurt, but I am furious that he would risk my health like that because I was not using protection with him. (We said we loved each other and weren't seeing anyone else. )
I'm really upset and want to confront him, but part of me wonders what is the point. But I also feel this is too major to just let it go. What would you do?


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  • It's common to think that confronting our exes, or the people who have hurt us will give us a sense of closure. But yelling at him, being angry, even if you could get revenge for this act, you would still feel the same, broken and hurt. The truth is, this isn't about the person who hurt you. It's about you and improving yourself. He isn't someone worth your time any more. And though he did hurt you, you have the power and control to either heal yourself or let him still hurt you. The truth is, not all guys are like that where they want to hurt you. So I suggest you take a little time to heal and rediscover yourself, and when you're ready, get back out and find a guy who won't hurt you in this way again.


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