Is he going to end it, decipher this convo?

I had a massive fight with my boyfriend the other night over something very small but because we were both drunk it escalated. Today this is how our convo went m = me H = him. Me: I'm sorry for drinking too much and making the situation worse H: I'm sorry for doing the same thing M: I'm not going to drink again for a long time H: I'm not drinking again for awhile going to do a cleanse M: am I picking you up tonight (I get him after work) H: if you want, I wasn't expecting you too so it's fine either way M: where do we stand H: I don't know M: I don't want to breakup with you as I think this was purely the alcohol talking and I know if we continue things I can't get to that point again however I'm viewing this as the alcohol talking not us. So I can come see you tonight if you want H: yeah that's true but it does highlight our issues either way. I have a couple of things to do tonight so maybe you should just come around tomorrow night. M: ok Do you think he will breakup with me?


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  • Sounds like it's time to have a serious talk. Obviously the booze removed some filters and things were said that have him unsure if the relationship is going to work or not.
    Have an adult conversation, be mature about it and listen to each other, and it will be what it will be. How long have you been together? What was the fight about specifically? How has the relationship been up until the fight?


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