Should I not do anything about it? I will be okay either way, but I hate people disliking me. give your opinion?

Neary a year ago i met this guy and we really hit it off. We talked on the phone every single day and we were inseperable. We started dating about a month into it, and we were happy for 3 months (?) It was nice, we fell asleep on the phone and woke up to talk to eachother and see eachother during the day. He played guitar to me because i have sleeping problems and i dont know, it was just good. When we started dating things changed. He showed signs of just being a bad boyfriend, but i ignored them. He started blowing me off and lying to me. He blew me off on al of our month anniversaries, and basically only talked to me when he wanted to get off. I wouldn't do anything sexual to him and he didn't like that. I'm still not positive why but he broke up with me just out of no where. The day before we were talking and together and everything was fine. We broke up then got together like the next day, but it wasn't the same. I knew something had shifted. So give it a week and we were over again. At first that second time he "broke up" with me was not as bad because i had expected it, but a week in i was freaking out. He removed me on everything and i like didn't see him again- that was his way of dumping me. I kind of went crazy- messaging a mutual friend constantly asking what happened, but i only messaged him a few times. It turns out the friendwas telling him everything i was saying and they were both rude to me. Recently my close friend has talked to him and i have been around him, but haven't talked to him. I have him added on this game we played, should i message him apologizing for freaking out? was it justified given the way he treated me? should i hate him for what he did?

i don't have feelings for him anymore, and have heard about him doing similar things to his more recent girlfriends. i'm not sure why i am considering being his friend. i think i just want to settle things with him so we don't hate eachother anymore


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