Girls, Why is she ignoring?

Okay I fell for this girl HARD.
Knew her for only three months.
But we dated only for one.
We were having sex about numerous times everytime i went to her place for about 5 weeks. Anyway, she broke up via text message after we got into our first vicious argument on the phone at 5am because i eventually blew up on her telling her she acts very strange and its rude to go for a few days consecutively without even inviting me with her a single time. anyway after the break up, SHE COMPLETELY IGNORED me and just posted pictures of her life every single day. Every two weeks i'd just send her a message that i pretty much just wanted to fully understand why (she has a very sophisticated character) she was ignoring me, absolutely no response. (to be honest i posted pics of me with other girls as much as possible, i thought that would've broken her down, but she's tougher than that prob was a mistake, and FYI she's a flight attendent she's in a different country with differnet people about 3 times a week)

i tried reaching out to her friends, (they liked me alot) they barely knew anything she won't talk to me or about me,

anyway after 3 months i finally run into her at the club, i was acting cool till 3am came and i got completely drunk and lost control haha anyway she laughed in my face and told me she doesn't give a fuck if she doesn't ever see me again, and ran to her friends and started laughing some more, this was my first girlfriend, my life all one night stands, been with a lot of girls before and after her but i can't shake her off my mind, is it messed up of her to ignore me so hard when she knew i was genuinely stressed and to laugh in my face like that, or is that what most girls end up doing? i don't know if its ridiculous that i stayed so stressed out for 4 months for a girl i only knew for 3, is it that normal when you don't get proper closure and you actually "love" her?


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  • I don't believe that you can be friends with an ex. I've found that once I break up with someone, I cut all contact. I tried once to maintain a friendship, but speaking with him just brought back bad memories of our past rolled in with sexual memories, neither of which I wanted to taint or influence my current relationship. Additionally, he started to beg me to be with him again, which was uncalled for. So back to this girl, she realized during that argument on the phone that she had made a mistake by dating you. She broke up with you and cut all contact. You can't blame her for this. When she laughed in your face, she was surely drunk and her response was exaggerated as a result. I speak for myself when I say that I would never say or do something like that. (I don't even drink.) I don't think you ever loved her, but I do think what you are seeking is closure. In this case, however, I would just try to move forward. She may never give you the closure so try to create it for yourself.

    • But shouldn't she have explained herself slightly more than that?
      She didn't block me on any social media or anything at all it was as if she wanted to show me she was having a good time in spite of me,

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    • You think it's also excessive to have such strong feelings for someone just after one month?

    • Feel free to pm me 🙂 and I don't think it's excessive if you felt that you two really clicked and then suddenly it ended the way it did without closure

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