Should I tell this girl I like her or does she already know?

We hangout a lot, I took her on a date to a movie and we get along amazing she flirts with me a lot. The problem is she just got out of a long relationship. How long do I have to wait to try to start actually dating her? I think every girl is different, If I'm perfect for her and she's perfect for me why can't we start something?


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  • well from wut ur saying,things seem to be going great for the most part =]u guys click, and have fun together!and the fact that she flirts with you is a total big sign she likes u.just make sure she's not being tat flirty with other guys to you no?

    andd to her..tell her ur feelings for her..mayb give it a week er so longer b4 you do that tho...and during that week, try to c if she stil hass feelings for her ex...cuz if so,u don't rli wna get in the way of thatm, because both of you kud end up hurt.

    but the fact tht you guys hangout a lot and flirt isa big sign she's probably over her EX and is ready to start you no wut?screww waiting a week;tell her how you feel when the moments rite:)wenever that special moment comes :D

    good luck buddy !

    • Yeah, we have a great time together. We have like everything in common and from day one, we were confortable around eachother, there wasn't any awkward moments. Everytime we have a conversation it never has a spot where it dries up.

      I think she is over her ex, she said he was being a jerk. The only small problem is that they had an apt, together and he still lives there until he can find a sub leaser.

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