I'm having a hard time initiating contact with my ex what should I do?

I'm having a hard time wanting to initiate contact with my ex. I haven't contacted my ex in a week and there are some things that I want to say. I have a few problems in regards of initiating contact, I don't know if we are still on good terms after our fight last week so I don't know if he'll respond. 1) I would much rather him initiate contact first that way I know that he still in fact wants to still talk to me. 2) I want to talk to him, but his ex is back in the picture and I don't feel like he will hear me out since she's around. 3) I don't know if he blocked my number and he wants me to leave him alone. Last week he said he blocked my number and he told me to leave him alone, but after the fight we were talking like nothing happened. 4) I'm afraid if I send him a message all I'll get from him is either an "ok" or he'll straight up ignore me. 5) with it being the end of the week I feel like I'm not going to have his full attention so I feel like I should wait till next week. 6) I don't think that I am emotionally ready to message him. I really want to tell him how I feel, but I can't bring myself to it. Should I wait for him to come to me? I know that he's been working on himself so I feel that the reason he is acting so cold is because he focused on other things. I don't know what more to do when it comes to talking to him. I feel like I should just continue no contact until he reaches out to me. Besides moving on what should I do?


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  • Its really hard to say. Although if someone says that they blocked your # and wants to be left alone you have to respect that. Especially if its coming from a special person. You should go do something to distract yourself from the relationship.

    • The fight was extremely dumb, there was really no reason for him to block my number. After the fight we were talking just fine, eventually he quit responding to my message and I went to bed. I left him alone for a week now I don't know if he wants to hear from me or not, I feel like he's lost interest in me.

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  • dont contact him, move on with your life


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