My Ex hates me. Why?

I asked her out finally seeing her in like 6 months.

3 months in, I guess the honeymoon phase ended and things started to go down. She lost feelings and decided to break it off then. Feeling devasted, we lost contact w/ eachother.
After the breakup, I hear that she's the one hearbroken. Feeling sorry and wondering what could have been and such. And she hate me for that. WHY? She was unhappy being with me.

TDLR: Strangers to couples, then to strangers again. First young love.


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  • Exes aren't suppose to like each other if he didn't you wouldn't be exes. As for her reason it's a way of dealing with break up and some regret and putting the blame/hating you helps her cope. Just leave her be.

  • Well you guys did break up


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