How do you know if you are over with the past relationship?

I got dumped in late September. It was a almost 6 years relationship. My ex admined that she cheated on me. I was full of hate, angry, loss, and sad for a month. Early this week, I still got triggered by simple stuff like a cup of black coffee.

Eventually, I realized that if i do not forgive her, I will never forgive myself. She must be unhappy so she gets involved with other people. If I want she to be happy, she should just go. And I start to thank her for whatever she did in the past. And thanks her for every little thing so I become whoever I am now.

whenever I think about it now, I do not have any hate... at this point, I believe love is gone as well. I used to hated her for cheating on me, left me all alone, and never talk to me. I still think of her sometimes, but I don't get triggered by anything emotionally. I can finally smile and laugh about our past.

How do you know that you move on from past relationship? That was it?



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  • Yes, you have moved on. I knew that I moved on when I could do the same - think about things that my ex and I went through and not get upset or angry, but realize that he played a role in making me who I am today and helping me to grow and better hone in on the type of guy I actually want to marry. You should be proud you've gotten to this point.


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