Guys and Girls: How do you get a girl back long distance?

My girlfriend of 2 years recently broke up with me after moving and starting law school. I beleive a lot of it has to due with a very large amount of stress all at one time. She seemed overwhelmed and told me she wanted to end things. She really wouldn't explain things and asked that I give her space. I think a lot of it had to do with her being unsure about her future, and feelling that since it was unknown that adding a relationship to the mix was too hard to think about.

I really don't think her feelings are all gone... it would be so fast for that. Up until her breaking up with me she still expressed a lot of affection, but I think she just got to scared about how things would work.

I tried getting her to talk to me after she made it official but she wouldn't respond other than to say she wanted space. I haven't reached out to her since then, and am hoping that the space allows for her to miss me. Again, I feel like her decision to end things was during a very stressful time, and I think she paniced. I'm hoping that in time she will start rethinking that decision.

So my queston for guys and girls (sure it will be different) is how do I get her to want to return to me? I know a lot of articles say no contact, and I agree that for a while this is good. I need to allow myself some for myself and I'm hoping she begins to miss me.

But after a month or so if she hasn't reached out to me what do I do? I considererd a letter expressing my feelings for her but have read that confessing one's feelings to the person you are trying to get back can sometimes push them away. It can overwhelm them, or make you seem sad and not attractive.

Other articles I've seen basically say during no contact just stay active on social media so they see you without you directly talking to them. Then suggest sending a text or email that is light and doesn't require a response, like "i saw (blank) today and reminded me of that time we (blank)."

Not sure what the best route to go is.
FYI- I'm 30... she's 27. We had discussed me moving up there after her first year was done, which later I found out she wanted me to move when she did but it was too late. She also is a very sweet, smart, and thoughtful girl... but very emotional fragile.

She will be home for Christmas in the middle of December... so I'm trying to work towards that date.


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  • If you really miss her, email her something


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