Is it wrong to let a girl know you like her even if you can't do anything about it ?

I like this girl a lot and right now I have problems stopping me from ever being/going with her, and this has stopped me from telling her how I feel, would it be wrong of me to hit her with this and then say but I can't do anything about it right now ?

It's killing me not being able to say and get it off my chest, but I know it seems kinda stupid to tell her and then fog her off all in one minute and then if she did feel the same then it would suck a lot


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  • i would just be honest with yourself and be honest with her. I mean what's the worst that could happen, you get rejected? big deal everyone has been rejected before, it sucks but you'll be fine. and if you tell her and it works in your favor then awesome! but if you just hold it in no matter what the circumstances, you're always going to wonder what if and shoulda coulda. just be honest and take it from there.


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