He says he misses me, yet he doesn't want to talk?


So I was with my ex for 19 months and we've been broken up for a month 1/2. Just recently he sent me a MySpace message saying that he really misses me a lot, things aren't the same w/out me and he want to see me. Now, right now I was on IM and he was on, I was there for like 10 minutes (still there as I am typing) and he didn't even send me an IM saying "hi". So I don't get it, he says he misses me and all these wonderful stuff yet on IM he won't say anything :( Why

He logged out now without saying a word :(


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  • Try an alternative way to contact him. My computer doesn't support Meebo chat (which is provided on GaG). My home computer doesn't support Mspace chat.

    - Cell phone

    - Email

    - Mspace message


    Send him a message on (mspace / to his cell) saying "Hey"- does he respond?

    - If yes, he's shy

    - If no, he's playing you for an easy lay.

    Hurtful truth- but a reality. If he can't respond within 3 days of you trying to contact him- then how are you both going to have the foundations for a relationship? You won't. Period. It takes a developing time period and effort FROM BOTH PARTIES to get that started.

    - I'm sorry to say it, but if you answered "no" above, and tried all possible ways to contact him (even in person) and he seems very cold / distant- then he isn't looking to work things out or try for a relationship, he is looking for something else (which is shown in his intent to say he misses you).

    Best regards,



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  • :( I'm sorry. I hate feeling that way. How recently did he send this message? He says he wants to see you. Did you reply? If you didn't, that could be why he didn't say anything on IM. He's afraid you're not interested. If you decide to contact him, don't say, "You were on IM and didn't say anything!" It will just seem...blegh. Just tell the truth. If you feel the same way he does, admit that you were scared to initiate IMing, and now you regret it because you miss him too. See where it goes. Putting yourself out there and maybe getting rejected is a lot better than never knowing what the hell happened and kicking yourself. Good luck.

    • Yea I feel really depressed. He sent me the message 8 days ago and I did reply, and we're still sending messages through MySpace (yesterday was the last time I replied to his message). He says he really really wants to see me and things aren't the same anymore. But on IM he didn't say "hi". I was actually thinking on telling him about the IM thing but you're saying not to, so what could I say?

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