so this guy I have been dating cheats on me with the same girl every time. he cheated on every girl he dated with this girl named jasmine. and he cheated on me multiple times with her. I have accepted reality but my question is:

why would he say he loves me when he doesn't mean it? he can't get anything from me so there is no reason for him to want to be with me so badly. BUT he always goes back to her. he told me he doesn't love her but he might. he told me he uses her for the sex and that's what his ex-gf told me too. that he is using her for money, her car, sex etc.

so I asked him what does she have that I don't have and he said nothing but obviously there is something she has that I don't. so my question is: if a girl is desperate to have sex and does crazy stuff in bed, will a guy always go back to her even if he is in a relationship with someone else? I just want to know why she is so special to him. she isn't pretty and her personality sucks but she is a stalker and is obsessed with him and would do anything for him (and have sex every chance she gets with him)

so tell me guys: (and girls!) why does he always go back to her? when he had a really good catch (me) who stayed faithful and loyal)?


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  • Because he knows he has you suckered. That's all there is to it.

    • Whats it mean to be suckered?

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    • It wasn't a question. Stop getting suckered.

    • Got it tthnx =)

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  • We cheat because we think we could get away with it ... it seems like you love him a lot but you need to understand he doesn't care about your feelings ...

    cut your losses and cut him out of your life... you will be glad you did because HE DOESN'T CARE !

    Why would you let somebody get the best of you when you are clearly on their back burner ... f*** that don't be an option ..


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  • She is not special, she's a tramp and he's a user and if you continue in this web you will only continue to be used. My question to you is, why do keep taking him back? As women we need to set standards for ourselves, men must learn that even if it means being single until we are 96 we are not accepting their CRAP. You see when you two allow this to continue and he moves on to another woman, he's going to try it again believing all women are desperate and accepting!


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