How many women know that the hidden agenda of feminism was to break up families?

For all you smarty pants who say "Conspiracy theory" please hear me out. Some years ago a whistle blower who was a close friend of the Rockefeller family said that one of the Rockefellers admitted to him that the Rockefeller family were the ones who funded feminism and got it all over the news papers and on TV. He said there were two main reasons: one, to get women into the work force so the government could get more taxes. And two, to break up families. All you have to do is go on Google and type in "The Rockefellers and feminism" and you can see it for yourselves.

You know what they say: "A lie told often enough becomes true." For years women have been repeatedly told that feminism just means equality. But the hidden agenda of the elite was to break up families. Even if you refuse to believe what I've just said, you have to ask the question: Has feminism strengthened marriage and brought men and women closer together in love, peace, and harmony. Or has it helped to do the opposite? Since the rise of feminism, has marriage and family become stronger, or has it become weaker?

Please understand, feminism didn't just focus on getting equality for women. It also attacked marriage and motherhood. If feminism just means equality, then why is marriage and motherhood being increasingly discouraged in society? Why is there such a drive to get more and more women into the workforce? Why were the family court laws changed to take away fathers rights? Why was divorce made as easy as possible? Why is society today more focused on sex rather than love and committment? Coincidence? I'll let you decide.

So, for all those who still want to believe it's a conspiracy theory, will you take the time to research feminism and the Rockefellers, or will you remain in denial and refuse to investigate it? This is a serious matter because I believe the reason so many people are unhappy today is because marriage and family, love and committment have been erroded.


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  • there are different types of feminists. not many people know that.
    you have marxist/liberal feminists who see that the problem lies in economy
    you have radical feminists who see that the problem is gender and that it the problem lies with me
    there are also others but these are the two that i am able to describe briefly. i feel that many people don't realise that feminism has different sub categories and these conflict each other

    • Yes, but what I'm saying is that the people who run the world have an agenda to break up families and destroy love and commitment.

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    • Well whether or not you agree and disagree that the powers that be used feminism to destroy family and relationships, nobody can deny that marriage and family has decayed in the last few decades. I see nothing in feminism that has brought men and women closer together in love and commitment. It's more the opposite.

    • Well it's not about how feminists acts, it's about how feminism affects society.

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  • First of all "THEY" say BS has to be dropped. They, is usually some overweight 30 something year old in his underwear eating Cheetos typing away on his computer in his mothers basement.
    Second: ANYBODY not just you who is complaining about feminism in any light usually is girlfriend less and has issues with relationships.
    So right there are two much more solid facts than what your question is guided from.

    I wouldn't care what the 1% feel they need to control or create. It has no barring on my life. There are still plenty of both genders with issues of prosperity and equal-ism that will produce fears. The point is nothing can bring a system to it's knees faster than unreasonable fears to build a mindset to fit as a definite. Woman and men still need each other and many couples work in their respected fields and prosper equally and it is not designed to bring down the family structure. Society in it's self is designed to help the workforce. The design has nothing to deal with feminism at all. GREED is the killer of prosperity hence outsourcing and globalization. Love and commitment is far more powerful than anything that cannot be broken if it is true and effortlessly blessed to those of us who seek to keep it alive.

    DO NOT blind yourself to point the finger at women and their desire for rights. The issue divorce being easy is absolutely ridiculous. true it is a business but the infrastructure is forcing love to work not because of feminism when a man strays. who to blame there? men don't get a pass because of thought of some plan to take down an ideal.

    Love is out their for you as well and I am sorry it hasn't been a happier part of your life but it is not women and the mindsets of others that keeps you down. You are actually drawing the negative attention. Produce what you desire in positive thought and your outcome will change your life full of a committed relationship of love and prosperity. Giving you less time to blame a false society mindset.

    • What a load of PIG SLOP!!!

    • When beta White Knights speak in feminist mangina-thons, feminists still don't give them any.

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  • I've actually thought about this before. Since the rise of feminism we've also seen a rise in divorce, single mothers, and abortion. As someone who has a goal to become a wife and a mother this is deeply concerning. Many modern tumblristas don't even know that they are sowing the seeds for the destruction of western civilization.

  • so the Rockefellers main goal was to make everyone unhappy?

    • Well Nick Rockefeller admitted that it was to get more women into the workforce so the government could get more taxes and to break up families so the state could claim the children.

    • It's all about profit and power. That's all people like them know or care about. Social engineering creates new markets to exploit. Women get hand fed a belief system by the media and the big corporations mop up by providing products. It's a bait and cage system and were the prey

  • Well written, I get your point. I actually read it to the end.

  • So was I unknowingly contributing to this because I don't want kids?

  • Do you want me to make you a tinfoil hat?

    • do whatever you want

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    • @lord_chilled Correct. I think the answer is three-fold:

      1) They tend to have placed blinders on themselves because it conflicts with their current belief system
      2) It’s painful to admit that those in whom you trusted have lied to you
      3) Cognitive dissonance - the truth is just too shocking

      So the lie continues. This is a well-known tool in feminists’ kit that they exploit generously. Why? So they can continue getting what they want at the expense of others. Especially Men.

    • @PatKirby true.

      Out of all three i think
      1) They tend to have placed blinders on themselves because it conflicts with their current belief system

      Is the most significant.
      A lot of atheists and modern people pride themselves in not being "sheeple" and blindly following religions or holy texts like people in past generations did.

      The truth is that ALL of them have their own belief system of how the world is and works. And they defend it as hard as any religious "fanatic" would.
      So sad, but kinda funny and ironic if you think about it

  • Feminism is about equality.

    • How could it be about equality when it only focuses on women's rights?

    • @potatis1292 The movement known as feminism is not about, and has got nothing whatsoever to do with - equality. What feminism has ensures is practicing that women’s rights come 1st, the wellbeing of girls comes next and men and boys can be additionally served so long as they accept that their place in this hierarchy is at the bottom of the heap. It is about upholding the rights of females and it’s never going to share its platform with any man, other than those who submit themselves to the requirements of women.

      In its practice and its influence on:

      1) Policy,
      2) Service delivery, and
      3) Evaluation,

      …in every aspect of life that touches women it upholds the rights of women 1st, putting men a long way behind.

      So how can that, in any way, be fair to Men?

      It isn’t, and people are beginning to see through the scam that feminism is really a Hate Movement with characteristics similar to a cult.

  • I never knew that.


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  • I believe you mate. I didn't believe in all this social engineering by the rich muppets of the world either until my pal gave me a couple of books to read. I started my own research and what I found chills me. Agenda 21 is a passed UN mandate that wants to limit the world to under a billion people. You can't just go out and kill them because of the social backlash obviously. Rather why not attack human breeding at it fundamental level. Women are the easiest to target coz they're very image concious and chase the latest fads and trends. Men get painted as the problem and women start breeding contempt for them. There's never been this much distance between the sexes. Social media and the net including tv is cementing it in woman's minds. Even young girls who have never been near an adult relationship are spouting all this rhetoric now as if its gospel. We, as a race have a duty to weed these sick fucks out and have them answer for this but we're too fragmented by shit. All people care about is the biggest car, the next clothing line and how good they look after the gym. It's a breeding ground of stupidity ripe for manipulation. Male dominance was never as big a thing as they try and make out. It's only insecure guys that whine about being the man of the house. Every relationship I was in we were equal. I'd tell her to fuck off if I didn't like something she was saying or doing and she'd tell me the same. If you get that imbalance where one person domineers then you lose the other person and the relationship is fucked. Being under the thumb in your own life is mentally corrosive. Who wants to date a woman who's a shell? Not me. I want a bit of fire in my partner. Most guys are the same. Feminism doesn't mean equality it means I want to be in control. Fuck that. Nobody tells me what's what in my own house and neither will I force an opinion on anybody. You want real independence women? Stop being manipulated by the media. You're more of a slave now than any of the past generations

  • Nobody knew that the 3rd wave of feminism was to mess up families and leave everybody messed up. The first two waves were nessecary.
    It was very crafty.
    But know we know it's gonna take ages to rebuild our culture.
    We need to get our focus back one loving each other for who we are and not dividing ourselves into so many small groups. We're fighting for stupidness. Family is more important.

  • The rockefller family took advantage of stupid people like you. The own the federal reserve. These bankers control the government through their banking system. First wave feminism was about rich white women getting power, it had nothing to do the with middle and lower class women.
    You will see you that you deceived once the elites will be killed because they know too much. I'm talking about the feminists at the top. Feminists are just useful idiots.

  • I support the part of feminism that men and women should be equals. The part I support is that men should not have to spend all of their hard earned money every week and forced to make all of the descisions unless they want to. Both should support each other. Why do you also see constantly a man focusing more on a new wife or girlfriend than his own kids. Many can argue that is sexist to say but my aunt took me in and my brother after my uncle who is flesh and blood cheated on her with a gold digger. My aunt let me remind you is not even related but only by marriage and is one of the leading factors and heroes in my life.

  • Well, surprise surprise..

  • Gloria Steinem said as much many years ago..

  • Agreed

  • "If feminism just means equality, then why is marriage and motherhood being increasingly discouraged in society?"

    Exactly, why are women who "choose" not to have husbands or children cheered on as women who actually choose to be stay at home moms are harassed, insulted, as are the men who love them? I wonder how the feminists would feel if they knew all this time they were just tools for a few wealthy, powerful, MEN.

    • " I wonder how the feminists would feel if they knew all this time they were just tools for a few wealthy, powerful, MEN."

      They wouldn't like it at all and would seek to hide the truth so it wouldn't expose them. In this way feminists could continue to get free shit at the expense of others without any obligation or accountability whatsoever.

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  • Women's liberation is a disaster of colossal proportions. Freedom and equality of women, will bring down man's society & civilization. And it will bring men down too...

    Female nature is truly vile, which is why they've always been rightfully kept in check.


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