Why does he hold back?

A guy that's been interested in me forever when things heat up and push comes to shove seems to hold back big time. It doesn't make sense to me because he seems to put so much effort into getting us to that point in the first place - only to mess it up or hold me back. I know it sounds (and feels like) he's messing about, but I don't think that's the reason he's doing it. Whatever it is it's his problem and I sure as hell can't (and wont) fix it for him. But some understanding of this seeing as it involves me wouldn't go astray! Anybody have any experience or insights?


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  • how do you mean, gets you to the point ? like kissing and making out or just takes you out and doesn't try anything on ? how do you know he likes you ? how long have you known each other etc...

    • He has made passes at me on a few occasions before that's how I know he likes me and he just pays me way too much attention compared with other guys. when I try to get us to go out though he always makes up some excuse he seems very confused anyhoo I just wanted to fire it out in case anyone had any such expereince with a guy

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    • Thats got me thinking about my situation too, maybe I should give her room as I may be seeming like I'm wanting more when I'm not, plus it saves making an idiot of myself if I spell it out and she doesn't feel the same way and then ruin things completely. good luck

    • Well what can I say I have wasted an entire year on this person. I have been very abused and very messed around by him and he is not showing any signs of remorse or willingness to reason with me. I can't believe he is this cruel. It's not like he's having a bad day if it happens 5 or 6 times in different ways, text email in person etc. I really didn't think he was like that and I honestly thought he cared about me. How wrong. He is simply not what I thought he was. I should have stayed away

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