Why did he leave without a warning and without saying goodbye?

We met online on Omegle and we had been talking for two months. We both loved each other, got along together as we both love The Beatles and we have the same music taste. We were in a Long Distance Relationship, although we had a quarrel before regard to him not wanting to be in it anymore, but I convinced him that we can work it out and that he should not give up, not to mention that we had plans meeting face-to-face and that he will visit me. We had been talking like usual (all lovey-dovey and "Hey, baby. How was your day/How are you?" type of messages) and one day, talking like usual, he decided to delete me on Skype and Snapchat after, our only two forms of communication without telling me why. Up to this day, I am still bothered and clueless as to why he did it. All I wanted was a closure and a goodbye. Was it because he felt guilty that he lied to me one day (he told me his phone got stolen and was missing that's why he didn't reply to my texts, but then on that day as well, he deleted me on Snapchat) and didn't want me to get hurt with the lie so he left?
That very day when he decided to delete me everywhere, we talked about our plans and what will most likely happen when I visit him there. I told him that "I don't know how we'd meet when I go to NYC though" and that instantly changed his mood (he told me). I apologized, saying "I'm sorry for what I said. I just want you to sleep in peace without worrying about a thing." and the last message I received from him shortly before deleting me was "I don't want you to worry either"
He told me as well that he cares about me and that it pains him to know that he made me sad and he doesn't want that.


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  • ... We were in a Long Distsance Relationship... But I convinced him that we can work it out...
    As wise as an owl that I believe that I am, this cozy nest relationship went south because yes, dear, you said a Mouthful Here... He should not give up but sadly He did.
    LDR is One of the Hardest ones to Have and to Uphold of any... I still have a husband I left out in Egypt and with the Middle east burning, I have not gone back to be with him nor to even live with him, in over 3 years now and Sadly... Counting.
    He suddenly had this change of heart with the millions of reasons this fell apart. And with 'Delete me on Skype and Snapchat,' this was his helpful hint to you that he wanted to move on, found his own 'Closure and a goodbye' so he didn't have to see you... Cry.
    I also know as Smart as I can also be, that this was probably, sweetie, the Hardest thing he had to ever do but instead of giving you any More lame duck excuses, he grew cold duck feet and decided it was best to fly away one day. He didn't want to be in this LDR any longer. It takes two special people to make this effort or it can go and grow dead rel quick in the water.
    I hope that I have helped you in realizing just what really happened. No, it was not this 'Lie' that was the deciding fact, it was the Mere 'Fact' that No more lies was what he wanted because he knew that it would not fly right with you nor him if he continued.
    Good luck and lick your war wounds now, focus on you and try to find someone who you don't have to do Face to face with. xx

    • Hello! Thank you for the advice. I want to believe that he didn't give me any closure because he didn't want to spoil the truth... I think. Also, I wish you and your husband will reunite one day :)

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    • Yes, That could have been the Deciding factor to LDR, along with some other things... I think too that if he really cared, he would have just talked it out with you. xx

    • Thank you, sweetie, for the Vote of Confidence.:)) xxoo

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  • He just feel that he don't want to get you hurt by liking him as he think he is not good enough for you and that he know you won't be able to let him go, so he can just leave you without any warning as he know you will not let him to... or maybe he don't like you anymore..

    • Okay, but if he doesn't like me anymore, how come we were talking like usual... does this mean he led me off?

    • Because he still want to be a friend to you at least and not be awkward?

    • It's too late... he left without saying goodbye and I really can't seem to get him off my mind... plus there are constant signs that keep on reminding of him and the times we used to share

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