My ex boyfriend blocked me.. We haven't spoken for months.. I'm confused?

My and my ex broke up in June, but officially ended things for good in August, however when we broke up he said he needs to remove me off Facebook as its too hard for him having me on his news feeds, so we haven't spoken to August and we're now in November, so after deleting me back in June... And not speaking since August... He has now as of today blocked me? Why?


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  • Just because he deleted you does not mean you don't appear on his new feed anymore. If a mutual friend likes your post it sometimes shows up on his new feed or if you are tagged in something it also shows. Blocking you removes you from his new's feed permanantly.

    • We don't have any mutual friends?

  • He blocked you so he would not have any temptation to look at your profile. I'm sure the cut is too deep.

    • What do you mean the cut is too deep?

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    • It's not that you hurt him; it's the relationship itself. He can't be with you anymore, but he still has feelings for you. If he can't have you, why would he want to look at your profile or talk to you? It's because it hurts too much to do those things.

    • He can't be with me out of his own selfish actions though, he betrayed me when we were together, disrespected me all the time, was never honest with me, so we would argue, cause he was lying, so the relationship may have hurt him, but it was always really simple respect me the way I respect you, stop lying to me and we would have no issues

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