What do I do in my situation?

ok so my day started out on Thursday like this I went to HR at my work to see about my suspension only to find out I was terminated I then came home for an hour with my girlfriend Then my Landlord came to take me to some places to apply for more work my girlfriend decided to stay at my place while I go out for an hour. I came back to the condo after a couple hours and found my roommate and my girlfriend having sex in the shower upstairs Guys or Girls how would you of handled this situation if you were in my shoes?


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  • you should break up with her! Who knows how many men she has slept with behind your back!

    • oh I already threw her out my house but I'm just wondering how to deal with these memories

    • just try to move on. it sucks. Just distract yourself by going out with your friend, go see a movie, or go for some drinks with your friends. You probably feel like shit, and this is going to continue for like a month. So just distract yourself!

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