So my ex didn't contact me in 2 weeks, should I reach out?

We broke up 9 months ago but we stayed somewhat friends. This is the longest period of time we didn't talk and I was the one who initiated the last (he was a bit distant and cold so I didn't want to bother him). But no words from him yet and I'm abit worried his mad at me or something. He isn't dating anyone he is just playing video games all day. P. S. He broke up with me because he didn't want a commitment. We were together for 4 years in a LDR.


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  • you should let it go. seriously. he might not want to talk anymore

    • So what do I do when he contacts me? Just ignore him? I really hate this push/pull behaviors, if he doesn't want to talk why doesn't he just say it and I'll be gone no problem, geez. Fuckin sucks when people just decide they don't want something anymore and just disappear without a word. He was blowing my phone since we broke up and now what? Fucking coward.

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    • No I'm fine I'm over him but I thought we were friends. I'm fine being friends. But apparently he lied when he begged me and cried like a little pussy to stay friends.

    • yeah well... its always a bad idea to stay friends with exes xD

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