shall i tell him or not?

me and this guy went together earlier this year and only lasted a month! He broke up with me because he thought it wouldn't work out. I was heartbroken and didn't know what to do but he just wanted to be friends so i just agreed so he could stay in my life. This guy is also in the same class as me in college do i see him everyday. over the months i thought that i would be able to move on and look for someone else. I did! but all i could think about was my ex and it made me turn this guy down. Its been nearly 10 months since we broke up and hardly spoken but i can't let him go and its killing me slowly. i'm scared to tell him as i told him in April i still liked him and he just ignored my message. so do i just keep it to myself or tell him that i still like him or is it just a waste of time. HELP!!!


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  • Its a waste of time, sorry


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