Do relationships between best friends work or is that doomed?

I'm really confused.I broke up with my ex about a year ago, cause he was going overseas.I drunkenly rang him one night after we had a huge discussion about him upset cause he couldn't see enough of me and that we were growing apart. I asked him if he wanted to break up and he said no so I got frustrated and ended hastily.I have regretted it ever since and feel very guilty as he told me he was "falling for me" and could see himself being very happy with me.I text him the day after to apologize and see if we could be friends, but he didn’t reply to any of my text msgs.We didn’t talk for months after that , apart from when I sent him the msg before he went away wishing him a good trip and that I hope he returns home safely and that I hope one day we could be friends and start talking again.He replied to this and said that “it did end a bit nasty and that it will just take time and that we will know when that time is right. I will will talk to you when I get back X”. He went away and I was a mess and did the whole try and move on with other people but have had no success. He then came back from overseas and said to his friends that he still liked me and that he didn’t sleep around or even hook up overseas. I didn’t hear from him though and days later he deleted his MySpace (which he only used to talk to me), and a few months later he is in a relationship with his brothers best friend, who has the same name as me, and that “ she reminds him of me” (when we were together I met her and he had no interest in her). It lasted 3months and he started talking to her straight after it happened as if they were great friends and nothing ever happened. After the relationship was ended between them he started talking to me again on Facebook, and things were great for months we would talk and get along like like we did before. He kept saying “hope to see you in town soon to catch up for drinks” and “see you soon” and constantly asking what I was up to on the w/e and if I was going out…Is that him being nice or insinuating he wants to do something?. I didn’t actually follow it up by meeting him cause I wasn’t sure whether it was sincere or not.I'm just so confused as to what's going on, I have fallen for him again and now he has gone and got into another relationship with his best friend, who he works with and who is 4 years younger than him and he has been friends with her for 2yeARS. I suppose my questions are does it sound like he really likes me and he was hurt when I broke up with him?.I feel like such a bitch for what I did. Are these girls his going out with rebounds? Cause they never last more than 3months,.Do relationships between best friends work or is that doomed?. Was he trying to start something by talking to me again?, cause now that he is in a relationship with his friend he doesn’t talk to me anymore and when he does talk to me his angry at meor p*ssed off.


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