Should I try to be just his neighbor again after he broke up with me?

So my boyfriend broke up with me only two days ago. It hurts really bad, but he did have legit reasons.. He has a mental illness that was working against me from the first day we strated dating. He fought against it to try and make things work but it is a constant battle for him. About two weeks ago things escalated he got really sick and just couldn't handle it anymore, I gave him time to get better and hoped that we could work things out but he couldn't see things work and he is so sick, he is afraid that if we would carry on with our relationship he would end up in a mental hospital and lose everything he has.. So I could do nothing but accept the break up and hope things will get better for him.

But we are neigbours... He lives two appartments down from me and i'm going crazy. Everytime I hear something I think it's him. We both have dogs and I look out for him whenever im outside walking mine hoping and dreading to walk into him all the time.

He said he wanted to keep on being friends, that he wanted us to be able to still walk our dogs together and that he just wanted me back as his neighbor... I told him I didn't know if I could handle that...

But the thing is.. I'm constantly reminded of him anyway, contsantly thinking of how he is doing.. I walk past his door every day and it hurts me to know he is no longer mine anymore.

So i'm wondering if it will be better if we do get back to just being neighbors again.. So at least I know how he is doing.. And I can see him now and then... And it would make our dogs very happy...
I still don't know if I can handle it but there is only one way to find out...

Should I ask him to walk our dogs together again? Do you think it is too soon? What would you do in my situation? Any advice is welcome and would be appreciated..


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  • stay away from him as soon as possible, he is not worth. you can find one better

    • I appreciate the answer but it's not true. He deserves the very best and he can't help it that he is sick. That's what makes it so hard.. I can't be mad at him yet I'm constantly reminded of him because he lives only a view steps away from me.

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