How to get rid of the sad feeling?

The man I was seeing to asked me to have patience and it really hurt me because if he was going to ask me out properly he would have done it by now I think, Its been like a friendship but is going so slow that it makes me feel his not interested , when I asked him what he meant he was really snappy with me telling me not to start. It only happened two days ago, I haven't been in contact with him because it feels like a waste of time now but i have this sad feeling and I don't know if I should delete him from everything and break all contact if It would help? His checking all my stories on snapchat so I don't know if his purposely playing games with me. Any advice I really feel lost?


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  • I also told a girl who was interested, ''i would contact u back some other time.'' You could delete everything of him but everyone would suggest u to move on.


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